Outlaw Magic – Out Now On Amazon

It’s finally free. I wrote this last year and finished this in June. However, since that time, I decided to give up writing. But since it was already written, I figured why not publish it and see if anyone likes it. So here it is in all it’s horrible glory.

Shout out to Melody Simmons over at https://bookcoverscre8tive.com/ for knocking out this cover in no time flat. This was one of her dazzling pre-mades. She managed to get it too me within several hours and I was truly grateful.

Here’s the ebook, and also the paperback version. I hope you lurve it!

OutLaw Magic – Ebook

Outlaw Magic – Paperback


The Beautiful Munga Hunga!

Tonight we were watching a show that I’ve been loving called Forged In Fire. It’s a series about blacksmith’s who create something in a challenge and the winner takes home $10,000. Something about these artisans and how they can mold metal just intrigues me.

I caught the tail end of tonights show and they were creating something I’d never heard of before called the Munga Hunga. Sounds like some kind of African dish, but when I saw what it was, I knew it was going to be the main weapon in my next series.

This thing is AWESOME! And could probably take off a head on one swipe!

Apparently, Buffy used it. I just hate the name. LOL. I may make up a new name for it in my books.

Needless to say, I’ll be doing a lot more research on this thing. I love it.

Dipping My Toe Into Urban Fantasy!

After a few years of writing in other genre’s under different pen name, I believe it’s time to try my hand at Urban Fantasy. I love the fantasy genre and have for years. I didn’t feel until now that my skills were good enough to actually try to write in this genre. But I have some really wonderful online friends who have encouraged me to give it a shot. So I will!

March will begin my trek into the UF world and I hope I can entertain you!